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1. Privacy Notice for Job Applicants
1.1. PrimeWeb Ltd., a company incorporated in the Republic of Bulgaria, with Unified Identification Code (UIC) 207188699, with registered address at 29 Rozova dolina street, 1421 Sofia, Bulgaria, telephone number: +359 879 867 961, e-mail: (hereinafter referred to as the “PrimeWeb” or the “Company”) is a data controller and as a data controller complies with the rules and requirements of the Bulgarian and European legislation on personal data protection.

1.2. The present Privacy Notice, intended for Job Applicants at PrimeWeb Ltd. (hereinafter also referred to as the “Privacy Notice” or just the “Notice”), aims to provide information on the processing of Personal Data of individuals (or also “data subjects”) who have voluntarily and on their initiative submitted an application for employment at our Company by using the following electronic address or in any other way that may be used by PrimeWeb for recruitment and selection purposes, e.g. through another electronic address, through a job posting platform maintained by a third-party, as well as by sending application in hard copy to the physical address for correspondence with the Company.

1.3. The present Notice aims to inform you about how and why the Company, as a data controller, collects, processes, stores and protects your Personal Data which you have provided to us in connection with your job application in the context of recruitment and selection and what your rights are in relation to this processing, ensuring the transparent and fair processing of your Personal Data by the Company.

1.4. By submitting your job application electronically and clicking on the button provided for this purpose, you declare and state that you have read the terms of this Privacy Notice. In case you need any additional information or have any questions regarding the processing of your Personal Data, you may contact PrimeWeb at the contacts listed below in the Notice.
2. Types of Personal Data we collect
2.1. PrimeWeb processes the personal data provided by you in its capacity as a data controller. The Company collects and processes only those categories of Personal Data that have been provided to the Company voluntarily and directly by the applicants, or such Personal Data that were additionally provided by the applicants during the recruitment procedure and/or requested by PrimeWeb within the procedure for evaluating your application and the decision-making process on whether recruit you.

2.2. In certain cases, the Personal Data processed by PrimeWeb in connection with your application is not collected or received directly from you, but from third parties such as recruitment agencies or job platforms, e.g. when you apply through such channels.

2.3. PrimeWeb may process the following categories of Personal Data related to your job application:

- Identification data about you (name, contact details, address (current and/or permanent address), location (city and/or country), telephone number, e-mail address), date of birth, photograph (but only if you have voluntarily provided one as part of your job application);

- Information on education and acquired professional qualifications - completed education, acquired professional qualifications, scientific degree; completed educational courses, trainings, seminars, and/or other information related to acquired education and qualifications; knowledge of foreign languages and previous professional experience, as well as other information related to your skills and qualifications;

- Information on current and/or previous employment - details of employment; work experience; posts/positions held; roles and responsibilities performed; current and/or previous employers; length of service/experience; references and references from employer(s) where these have been volunteered by you;

- Information concerning the possession of a driving license or other certificates of acquired competence (when you have voluntarily provided such information);

- Information on remuneration, including expected remuneration for the position you are applying for, additional social benefits, and/or other data of a financial and economic nature related to the position you are applying for;

- Information collected and prepared by recruitment agencies and employment intermediaries to whom the Company has assigned recruitment activities, including collecting, reviewing, and evaluating applications, conducting interviews, and preparing reports and recommendations;

- Other information that you have voluntarily provided on your initiative in the process of your job application and that is not included in the above (e.g. information provided through a CV, cover letter, and/or another document that you have provided or has been additionally requested from PrimeWeb within the recruitment procedure);

2.4. PrimeWeb does not process special categories (“sensitive”) of Personal Data as part of the recruitment process. By way of exception, such categories of Personal Data could be processed only and insofar as they are necessary for the assessment of your application in view of the particularities of the specific job position and the decision to appoint you to a specific job/position, as well as for the fulfilment of certain statutory obligations which shall be observed by PrimeWeb in its capacity as an employer, or if there is another reason for processing this category of Personal Data, with your explicit consent for their processing.
3. Purposes for processing Personal Data
3.1 PrimeWeb processes the Personal Data you provide for the following purposes:

- Administration and management of your job application in PrimeWeb, including identification, written and oral communication with job applicants during the selection procedure;

- Carrying out a selection and evaluation of your application and deciding whether to make you an offer of an employment contract;

- Upon approval of your application, for the preparation of a formal job offer, preparation of a draft employment contract, and other documents necessary to complete the process of appointing you to the position for which you are applying;

- In case you have not been offered an employment contract or it has not been accepted, PrimeWeb may process the Personal Data of your application for other current or future vacancies, provided that you have given us your explicit written consent that your application can be considered for this purpose.

3.2 Legal grounds for processing Personal Data where at least one is sufficient:

- Your consent;

- Entering in a contract (employment contract) in case your application is successful, and you have accepted our offer of employment;

- Existence of a legitimate interest of PrimeWeb, as our legitimate interest is to assess the compliance of your application with the needs of the Company, the necessary requirements for the position, and to recruit personnel in order to fill our vacancies;

- Compliance with a legal obligation that applies to us under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

4.Term for Retention of Personal Data
4.1. PrimeWeb will store and process your Personal Data only for the period necessary to achieve the purposes of Personal Data processing set out above. In particular, your Personal Data will be stored for the period from their receipt until the final decision on whether to be appointed to the position for which you are applying, but for no more than 3 (three) months.

4.2. Please note that the retention period of your Personal Data provided in the process of your application may exceed the expiration date of the advertisement published by PrimeWeb for the position you are applying for. This is because after receiving the applications of the interested candidates, technological time is needed to carry out additional actions such as internal evaluation of the received applications, conducting interviews with the candidates, discussing and making a decision by PrimeWeb to choose the most suitable candidate and concluding a contract with him.

4.3. For the purpose of occupying other current or future vacancies, it is possible that PrimeWeb will store your Personal Data even after the completion of the procedure for occupying the position for which you are specifically applying. In this case, PrimeWeb will store your Personal Data for a period not exceeding 1 (one) year, provided that you have given us your explicit written consent for this purpose. You can withdraw your consent at any time by notifying PrimeWeb.

4.4. In case your application is approved, when concluding an employment contract between you and PrimeWeb, the Personal Data provided by you (or part of them, as the case may be) will continue to be processed by PrimeWeb and will become part of your employment dossier, which the employer is obliged to compile and maintain. In case you are selected for a relevant position, to conclude the employment contract it may be necessary to provide additional information and documents, in accordance with the requirements of applicable law and the internal rules and procedures of PrimeWeb.

4.5. When concluding an employment contract, PrimeWeb will provide you with a detailed privacy notice regarding the processing of your Personal Data in your capacity as an employee of the Company.

4.6. In case your application is not approved and you have not given your consent to PrimeWeb to store and process your Personal Data for other current or future vacancies, your Personal Data will be destroyed and/or deleted (depending on the media) after the completion of the selection procedure for the relevant position for which you have applied, but no later than 3 (three) months.
5. Disclosing of Personal Data
5.1 As part of the recruitment procedure, the Personal Data which you provided will not be disclosed by PrimeWeb to third parties. Your Personal Data will be brought to knowledge (disclosed) only to managers and/or employees of PrimeWeb, determined according to the specific position you are applying for, to participate in the process of managing and administering your application, who are directly involved in the process of selection, analysis and evaluation of your application for the position.
6. Rights in relation to the protection of your Personal Data
6.1. In order to fulfil the obligations of PrimeWeb as a Data Controller, it is important for the Company to process and maintain your Personal Data accurate and up-to-date; if necessary, you may request an update of your Personal Data, correction, and/or supplementation, for which purpose you should send a request to the Company in compliance with the terms and conditions provided for in the legislation on Personal Data protection.
6.2. You have certain rights provided in the GDPR related to the processing of your Personal Data, including:

- Right to information and free and open access to your Personal Data;

- Right to request a copy of your personal data stored or otherwise processed by PrimeWeb;

- Right to request correction of your personal data in case it is inaccurate, not up-to-date, or incomplete Personal Data;

- Right to request the deletion of your Personal Data or the restriction of their processing, as well as the right to the portability of your Personal Data (when applicable);

- Right to object, at any time, on grounds relating to your specific situation against the processing of your Personal Data, including in the event related to automated decision-making - you have the right to object that your Personal Data is used for profiling;

- Right to file a complaint to the competent data protection supervisory authority listed below in this Notice, or to seek the protection of your rights judicially.

6.3. Please note that PrimeWeb does not use your Personal Data for profiling or automated decision making.

6.4. You may exercise your rights by making a written request to PrimeWeb on the contact details provided in this Notice in accordance with the requirements of applicable law. If necessary, PrimeWeb will provide you with full assistance in exercising the rights granted to you.
7. How to contact us in personal data protection related cases?
If you wish to receive additional information on how PrimeWeb processes your personal data or you have questions related to the operation and application of the present Notice in the processing of Personal Data of employment applicants, you can contact us at the following e-mail address: or by sending your questions to the registered address of the Company, indicated at the beginning of this Notice.
8. Competent national supervisory authority for Personal Data Protection
Commission for Personal Data Protection

Address: 2 Professor Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd., Sofia 1592

Phone number: + 3592 / 91-53-594



This Privacy Policy may be amended over time, and the changes made to it shall become effective promptly after being announced on our Website.
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